Meetings & Events

  • Today: No Meetings/Events 

  • Feb. 16: Park #1 Pre-bid Meeting for Multiple Site Improvement Services 

  • Feb. 16: Campbell #1 Pre-bid Meeting for Phase III HVAC at Rozet Elementary

  • Feb. 23: Converse #1 Pre-bid Meeting for Modular Classroom Services

Office of the Governor


  • Albany #1: Plan One Architects has been selected to conduct a "Most Cost Effective Remedy" study for Laramie JHS, pending school board approval.

  • Goshen #1: The district is currently advertising for asbestos abatement services at Lingle Elementary. A pre-bid meeting will be held 2/12.

  • Park #1: Multiple site improvement services are needed at several facilities throughout the district. Bids close 2/24.

  • Weston #1: A contractor is needed for an EIFS resurfacing project at New Castle High School. Bids are due by 10 am MST 2/24.