Displaced Energy Workers: Connect with Wyoming
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Office of the Governor        https://sites.google.com/a/wyo.gov/sfd/about/staff-info

Meetings & Events

  • Weston #1 is seeking professional/technical services for a running track project at Newcastle High School. Bids close 3/9.

  • Converse #1 is now accepting bids for the floor replacement project at Douglas High. A pre-bid meeting will be held 3/2.

  • Albany #1: Demolition services are needed for the old Laramie High School. Bids close 3/28.

  • Unita #4 The District is holding a mandatory pre-bid meeting 3/7 for the re-roof project at Mountain View High School.

  • Sheridan #3 Contractors are needed for a bus barn reconstruction in Clearmont. Bids close 3/15.

  • SFC: the next Commission meetings will be held May 2-4 in Sundance. Details to come.