Upcoming Meetings & Events
  • February 5:  SFD Pre-bid Consultants Meeting for an Asset Preservation White Paper

  • February 11:  Carbon #1 Bid Opening for Materials Testing and Inspections Firms

  • February 12:  Campbell #1 Contractor Bid Opening for the Stocktrail ES Project

  • February 12:  Natrona #1 Bid Opening for an Industrial Hygienist

Office of the Governor     The SFD Team


  • Sheridan #2: TSP, Inc. has been selected to conduct a planning study for a district alternative school, pending board approval.

  • Campbell #1: The district is accepting contractor bids for the new Stocktrail ES project. Bids close 2/12.

  • Carbon #1: Materials testing and inspection services are needed for the new Rawlins High School addition project. Bids are due by 2/11.

  • Natrona #1: The district is seeking an industrial hygienist to handle Phase IV abatement at the site of Natrona County HS. Bids close 2/12.

  • SFD: The department is seeking a consultant to develop a white paper on asset preservation. Proposals are due by February 24.

  • SFC: The next Commission meetings will be held in Cheyenne on February 18-19. Agenda to come.