Our Team

     The SFD has a hardworking and dedicated team with many years of experience in the planning,
     design, and construction of educational facilities; construction project management; architecture;
     contract administration; finance/accounting; and business communications.

     Perhaps the most essential service provided by SFD is project management. Our Project Managers
     plan, coordinate, budget, and oversee projects from early development to completion. They work to
     ensure each project meets the scope, cost, quality, and time requirements of our district clients.

William T. Panos - Director
bill.panos@wyo.gov / 307-777-8675 (Office) / 307-251-8380 (Mobile)

Bill was appointed to the post of SFD Director in November 2013, following a lengthy search by Governor Mead to find a perceptive and dynamic leader for the department. Before coming to School Facilities, Bill worked with the TRW Corporation and served in various levels of government, including his appointment as School Facilities Director for Washington State. Bill was born and raised in the Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles County. He earned a bachelor’s degree in forensic science from the California State University.

Lauren Fodor - Deputy Director
lauren.fodor@wyo.gov / 307-777-2901 (Office) / 307-275-4732 (Mobile)

Lauren started as deputy director on May 1, 2014 and brings extensive experience in construction, finance and management. Most recently she served as controller for Reiman Corporation in Cheyenne where she implemented new accounting systems and administrative controls, and also ensured corporate compliance with state and federal regulations. A LEED Accredited Professional,  Lauren graduated from the Northern Arizona School of Engineering and is currently pursuing a master's degree in business administration.

Michael Bernett - Regional Project Manager (Southeast)
michael.bernett@wyo.gov / 307-777-5599 (Office) / 307-214-1111 (Mobile)

Michael has over 15 years of experience developing educational facilities, public safety buildings, institutional buildings, and some commercial properties as well. After graduating from Minnesota State University, Michael attended graduate school at the University of New Mexico, where he earned a Master of Architecture. He joined SFD in November 2012 and currently works on projects in the southeast region of the state, including Albany, Carbon, Goshen, Laramie, Platte and Natrona counties.

Troy Decker - Planning Coordinator
troy.decker@wyo.gov / 307-777-8970 (Office) / 307-256-4467 (Mobile)

Troy's affiliation with the SFC/SFD started in 2009 as a consultant conducting educational functionality assessments, which eventually led to the Planning Coordinator position he holds today. Prior to SFD, Troy worked as a teacher and coach. He also served as the facilities coordinator for Laramie #2. Troy attended college at the University of Wyoming, graduating with a bachelor's degree in education and coaching.

Brandon Finney - Contract Manager
brandon.finney@wyo.gov / 307-777-8671 (Office) / 307-631-2966 (Mobile)

Brandon has served as a Contract Manager for SFD since 2009. Prior to SFD, he worked in construction management for Quest Ventures in Phoenix, Arizona, gaining a diverse range of experience in building construction as well as civil projects. Brandon studied international business in the Netherlands before graduating from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

George Galida - Design & Construction Administrator
george.galida@wyo.gov / 307-777-8536 (Office) / 307-631-0170 (Mobile)

George came to SFD in 2011 with an extensive background in the design of K-12 and higher education facilities. A licensed architect in Colorado and Wyoming, he has been responsible for managing all facets of individual projects as well as entire facilities development programs, including planning, budgeting, construction and maintenance. In addition to being Design and Construction Administrator, George also served as the department's interim director in 2013. 

Janet Garrison - Business Office/HR Manager
janet.garrison@wyo.gov / 307-777-8533 (Office)

Janet joined SFD in 2013 to oversee business operations and human resources, but also handles a diverse range of planning, financial and administrative duties. Prior to SFD, Janet worked for the Wyoming Public Defender's Office where she maintained statistical data, assigned case files to attorneys, processed motions and orders, and served as the agency's senior accountant and trainer.

Bob Herzog - Special Project Manager
bob.herzog@wyo.gov / 307-777-8532 (Office) / 307-214-5660 (Mobile)

Bob started with SFD in January 2014. He is a licensed architect in Colorado and California, and boasts over 20 years of experience in planning, design, estimating, construction administration and project management. Most recently, Bob operated his own design and construction firm, providing consultation and construction oversight for medical, commercial, and higher education clients.

Stan Hobbs - Planning Administrator
stan.hobbs@wyo.gov / 307-777-6511 (Office) / 307-287-2813 (Mobile)

Before School Facilities, Stan held key positions at the University of Wyoming, including Associate Director of Business Operations Physical Plant. At SFD, Stan oversees district facility planning and manages the AiM database. A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, Stan hold's a bachelor's degree in business. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants.

Anthony Hughes - Public Information Officer
anthony.hughes@wyo.gov / 307-777-2898 (Office) / 307-631-5028 (Mobile)

Tony became the Public Information Officer at SFD in 2013, bringing over 25 years of experience in marketing, communications, public relations, and advertising to the role. Before School Facilities, Tony held senior writing positions at Colorado State University College of Business, The Prudential and Wells Fargo. He graduated from Penn State with a dual bachelor's degree in journalism and broadcasting.

Lance Johnson - Regional Project Manager (Southwest)
lance.johnson@wyo.gov / 307-789-3609 (Office) / 307-679-1288 (Mobile)

A member of the SFD staff since 2005, Lance was hired as a Project Manager for the southwest region of the state. Prior to joining SFD, Lance worked for Uinta #1 for 15 years and served as the district's facility director for the last seven years of his employment. In addition to his job experience, Lance is an ICBO building inspector, certified by the International Conference of Building Officials. He currently works from the SFD's office in Evanston.

Shelly Lovato - Executive Assistant
shelly.lovato@wyo.gov / 307-777-8782 (Office) / 307-287-5748 (Mobile)

Shelly joined SFD in March 2011 as an Executive Assistant to the director and Commission. Prior to SFD, Shelly spent nine years working for the Wyoming Department of Education, including six years as an executive assistant to the deputy superintendent of public instruction. Shelly attended Park University at Warren Air Force Base where she earned a bachelor's degree in human resources management.

John (Tony) Meena - AiM Assistant
john.meena2@wyo.gov / 307-777-5946 (Office) / 307-286-7903 (Mobile)

Tony assumed the role of AiM Assistant in February 2014. Before SFD, Tony worked for the Wyoming Department of Audit where he monitored tax compliance and prepared audit reports for the state's Department of Revenue. In addition, he also served in several key positions at the Wyoming Department of Transportation. A Dean's List achiever, Tony graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in finance. 

Taner Norton - Regional Project Manager (Northeast)
taner.norton@wyo.gov / 307-777-5776 (Office) / 307-631-6581 (Mobile)

Taner has been with SFD since 2005. His diverse background includes experience developing educational, residential, commercial, and institutional properties. Over the years, Taner has worked as a project superintendent, construction manager, and general contractor. He holds an associate's degree in business administration and maintains professional affiliations with the Construction Managers Association of America and the Project Management Institute.

Michael Pachel - Project Planning Coordinator
michael.pachel@wyo.gov / 307-777-5077 (Office) / 307-275-0210 (Mobile)

Michael started with the SFD planning team in May 2014. He most recently served as the Director of Public Works for a small military installation in Cheyenne where his range of responsibilities included facility operations and maintenance, construction and contract management, and overseeing a staff of 46 employees. Michael studied mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University and served in the United States Air Force.

Jerimi "JJ" Revell - Finance Manager/AiM Administrator
jerimi.revell@wyo.gov / 307-777-7411 (Office) / 307-287-4587 (Mobile)

JJ has been a member of the SFD team since 2010. His extensive financial experience includes a five-year tenure as a Wyoming banker, four years as CFO of a land development and construction company, as well as positions at Wells Fargo, First Interstate Bank and FirsTier Bank. A Nebraska native, JJ crossed the border to attend college, graduating from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in finance with a banking minor. 

John Rexius - Regional Project Manager (Northwest)
john.rexius@wyo.gov / 307-777-7462 (Office) / 307-214-6265 (Mobile)

An SFD employee since 2011, John works with clients in Big Horn, Fremont, Hot Springs, Park and Washakie counties. John grew up in Orin Junction, Wyoming, and graduated from Douglas High School. He pursued a post-secondary education at Casper College and Mesa College in San Diego, California. A highly accomplished professional, John has owned and operated a general contracting/home building business since 1995.

Paul Syverson - Special Project Manager
paul.syverson@wyo.gov / 307-777-5376 (Office) / 307-214-1566 (Mobile)

A well-rounded professional, Paul has over 32 years of experience in civil, commercial, residential, and school construction. He has worked on school projects in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Paul graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Master of Architecture. He joined SFD in 2012 and facilitates projects throughout the state.