AiM Facilities Management Software

AiM is a web-based software that allows the SFD to manage appropriations and expenditures associated with capital construction, major maintenance, and
component projects.

In addition, school districts utilize AiM to submit payment and work order requests, transmit invoices, approve and post charges, and to reconcile annual major
maintenance expenditures.

AiM also includes a function called Birt (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool), which the SFD has used to build a statewide database of information on school
capacity and building conditions. This data plays an important role during the
facility planning process.

How to Access AiM

Click the AiM logo at the top of this page to access the AiM database. You will be
prompted for a username and password. If you already have a login, please use that.

If not, please contact:

Jerimi "JJ" Revell at or 307-777-7411.