Project Funding

District facility plans, along with other assessment tools and methodologies, are
used to help SFD formulate funding recommendations for various school facility
projects across the state, including capital construction and component projects.
These project and funding recommendations are included in the SFC/SFD Annual Report and Budget Request which is sent to the Select Committee on School Facilities and the governor.

After getting input from the Select Committee, the budget portion of the annual
report proceeds through a legislative and executive review process where the
original funding recommendations may be modified by the governor, the Legislature,
or both.

Final funding requests are then included in a draft bill and presented to the entire Legislature for further action. Once approved, the bill is sent to the governor to sign so funds can be dispersed to various projects.

For major maintenance projects, school districts receive annual funding from
the state. The amount is derived from a formula that is partially based on the replacement value of school facilities in each district, as well as each district's ADM (Average Daily Membership).