Types of Projects - An Overview

School construction projects typically fall into one of three categories:

Capital Construction (Major Capital)

Capital construction projects are any renovation, construction, replacement, repair,
or other improvement to any school building or facility which is designed to bring
the building or facility in line with the statewide building adequacy standards (or guidelines). These projects are identified in the SFD's Annual Report and Budget Request, have associated budget estimates, and are ultimately approved by the Legislature.

Component (Minor Capital)

Component level projects, also referred to as minor capital construction projects, are those projects that are necessary for the maintenance and functionality of school buildings that cannot be funded solely with a school district's major maintenance
funds and may pertain to a building that otherwise may be lower on the Needs Index than other buildings receiving capital construction funds.

Major Maintenance

Major building and facility repair and replacement means the repair or replacement
of complete or major portions of school buildings and/or facility systems at irregular intervals which is required to continue the use of the building or facility at its original capacity for its original intended use and is typically accomplished by contractors due
to the personnel demand to accomplish the work in a timely manner, the level of sophistication of the work, or the need for warranted work.