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Meetings - Events - Announcements

  • SFD: Click here for a list of the 2017 component level major maintenance projects that have been approved by Governor Mead.

  • Carbon #2: Construction services are needed to upgrade security systems at schools in Hanna and Saratoga. Bids close 6/1.

  • More Carbon #2: The district is also looking to upgrade the HVAC system at Hanna Elk Mountain Junior and Senior High School. Bids close 6/12.

  • AiM: Click here for the 2017 680 Report Form, the 2017 major maintenance calculation and payment information, and 2017 External Charge Guide.

  • SFD: The division has a tentative meeting scheduled with the Select Committee on School Facilities for June 19, in Casper. Click here for information.