The SFD Team


Michael Bernett
Regional Project Manager (Southeast)
307-777-5599 (Office) / 307-214-1111 (Mobile)

Michael has over 15 years of experience developing educational facilities, public safety buildings, institutional buildings, and some commercial properties as well. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Michael attended graduate school at the University of New Mexico, where he earned a Master of Architecture. He joined SFD in November 2012 and currently works on projects in the southeast region of the state, including Albany, Carbon, Goshen, Laramie and Platte counties.

Amber Leach
Policy and Planning Coordinator
307-777-5946 (Office)

Amber joined SCD in August 2016; her current role as the policy & planning coordinator, she began working at SCD as the policy & planning analyst. Before SCD, Amber worked as an operational coach for Lowe's Distribution Center in Cheyenne. She also served as a production supervisor and raw materials manager for Tyson Foods, Inc. Amber attended Laramie County Community College and the University of Wyoming, earning associate and bachelor degrees in agriculture business. In addition, Amber holds a substitute teaching certificate and has taught for Laramie County School District #1.  

Troy Decker
Planning Supervisor
307-777-8970 (Office) / 307-256-4467 (Mobile)

Troy's affiliation with the SFC/SFD started in 2009 as a consultant conducting educational functionality assessments, which eventually led to the Planning Supervisor position he holds today. Prior to SFD, Troy worked as a teacher and coach. He also served as the facilities coordinator for Laramie #2. Troy attended college at the University of Wyoming, graduating with a bachelor's degree in education and coaching.

Raj Dhami
AiM Assistant/Accounting Analyst

The newest member of SFD's AiM team has an excellent background in business,
finance and marketing. Raj graduated from the University of Wyoming, College of Business, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in finance - with a banking minor. Prior to SFD, Raj worked as a manager for Snyder Food and Gas, Inc., and also served as a sales representative for Wells Fargo and Company, advising customers on financial products. Raj will be working closely with JJ Revell on the ever-evolving AiM system.

Brandon Finney
Planning and Finance Administrator
307-777-8671 (Office) / 307-631-2966 (Mobile)

Brandon has served as a member of the SFD team since 2009. Prior to SFD, he worked in construction management for Quest Ventures in Phoenix, Arizona, gaining a diverse range of experience in building construction as well as civil projects. Brandon studied international business in the Netherlands before graduating from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

George Galida
Program Development Administrator
307-777-8536 (Office) / 307-631-0170 (Mobile)

George has an extensive background in the design of K-12 and higher education facilities. A licensed architect in Colorado and Wyoming, he has been responsible for managing all facets of individual projects as well as entire facilities development programs, including planning, budgeting, construction and maintenance. In addition to being the Program Development Administrator, George also served as the SFD's interim director in 2013. 

Janet Garrison
307-777-8533 (Office)

A member of SFD since 2013, Janet handles a wide range of financial and administrative duties, including AiM support. Prior to SFD, Janet worked for the Wyoming Public Defender's Office where she maintained statistical data, assigned case files to attorneys, processed motions and orders, and served as the agency's senior accountant and trainer.

Susan Hagan
Contracts/Financial Coordinator
307-777-3558 (Office)

Susan started with SFD in June 2014 as an executive assistant, but has since evolved into the agency's contracts and finance coordinator. Susan has worked in Wyoming state government for over 15 years, having held positions in the Department of Environmental Quality, Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety, Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as the state Treasurer's office.

Regional Project Manager (Northeast)
307-777-8532 (Office) 

Travis Hoff
Public Information Officer 
307-777-2898 (Office) 

Travis joined the SCD team in early 2019. Before then he worked in a variety of roles ranging from marketing director to campaign manager. A proud Wyoming native, he attended the University of Wyoming and earned a B.A. in Journalism and later a M.A. in Communication. 

Lance Johnson
Regional Project Manager (Southwest)
307-789-3609 (Office) / 307-679-1288 (Mobile)

A member of the SFD staff since 2005, Lance was hired as a Project Manager for the southwest region of the state. Prior to joining SFD, Lance worked for Uinta #1 for 15 years and served as the district's facility director for the last seven years of his employment. In addition to his job experience, Lance is an ICBO building inspector, certified by the International Conference of Building Officials. He currently works from the SFD's office in Evanston.

Policy and Planning Analyst

Shelly Lovato
Executive Assistant/HR
307-777-8782 (Office) / 307-287-5748 (Mobile)

In addition to being an Executive Assistant to the director and Commission, Shelly also juggles numerous HR responsibilities. Prior to SFD, Shelly spent nine years working for the Wyoming Department of Education, including six years as an executive assistant to the deputy superintendent of public instruction. Shelly attended Park University at Warren Air Force Base where she earned a bachelor's degree in human resources management.

Jerimi "JJ" Revell
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Technology Officer/AiM DBA
307-777-7411 (Office) / 307-287-4587 (Mobile)

JJ has been a member of the SFD team since 2010. His extensive financial experience includes a five-year tenure as a Wyoming banker, four years as CFO of a land development and construction company, as well as positions at Wells Fargo, First Interstate Bank and FirsTier Bank. A Nebraska native, JJ crossed the border to attend college, graduating from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in finance with a banking minor. 

Steven McDonald 
Regional Project Manager (Northwest)
307-777-7462 (Office) / 307-274-6300 (Mobile) 

Steve comes to the SFD with extensive background in project management in both the public and private sector.  He began his career in project management in the private sector managing highway and municipal roadway projects for a regional traffic control firm.  For the past 13 years, Steve was employed in municipal government, managing roadway, building, maintenance and restoration projects for the City of Cheyenne, WY.  Steve has a degree in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Paul Syverson
Design & Construction Administrator
307-777-5376 (Office) / 307-214-1566 (Mobile)

Paul has over 32 years of experience in civil, commercial, residential, and school construction. He has worked on school projects in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Paul graduated from the University of Nebraska with a master's degree in architecture, and maintains certification with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, the country's only registry of architects. With SFD since 2012, Paul supervises the project management team and supports various projects throughout the state.